What We Do

Solspire energy is a sustainable solution provider that specializes in building a brighter & a greener world. We provide best in class renewable energy consultancy, EPC and operation & maintenance services.
Energy Consultancy.
Sustainability aims at striking the right balance between a company’s financial considerations and its impact on people and the planet. We develop an effective sustainable strategy to support company’s individual energy requirements. As long-term strategic thinkers, we play an important role in helping organizations make more sustainable energy choices. We support energy consumption reduction efforts with our in-depth knowledge of energy costs and help steer management towards the right decisions for using renewable energy solutions to make green profits.
  • Research
  • Monitor carbon emissions
  • Sustainable strategy
  • Appropriate sustainable solutions
  • Educating management
  • Reporting & Auditing
We are a fast emerging and a comprehensive EPC solutions provider. We station world-class technology to design, install and commission benchmark solar projects across the globe. Our highly skilled EPC Team ensures the completion of each solar plant from concept to commissioning on time. We have internationally accredited expertise in engineering and technology, project management, construction and commissioning. We sell energy to individual household, government utilities, agricultural bodies and independent industrial & commercial customers.
  • Site Survey & Layouts
  • Detailed Project Report
  • System Designing
  • Product Procurement
  • Manpower & Safety Stationing
  • Project Execution
  • Successful Commissioning
Operation & Maintenance.
We have a highly experienced O&M team, which provides preventive and corrective maintenance services for different solar plants. Our team operates and maintains solar power plants and offers monthly reporting on electricity generation. We also offer our service to third party PV system owners, operators and original equipment manufacturers. We operate the plant in accordance with applicable safety, health and environment regulations. We provide timely inspection, testing, cleaning & corrective repairs.
  • Successful operation
  • Verification & Reporting
  • Monitor & Supervise
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Infrastructure training
  • Maintenance Scheduling